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  • Are all TOOB innertubes recycled?
    Yes! Every the innertubes that we collect for use in our products are sourced from Tel Aviv's local bicycle shops. We love upcycling these otherwise useless innertubes and giving them a new purpose. Every innertube is inspected and cleaned before being made into a TOOB.
  • How tough are recycled innertubes?
    Most innertubes are made from butyl rubber which is hard wearing and made to stretch and inflate to fill your tires. We make sure to reuse innertubes that are in good condition and will last for a while, but naturally rubber does eventually wear out from use just like other materials such as leather.
  • How to care for your TOOB
    Recycled innertubes are made from butyl, a synthetic rubber that is hard wearing and can handle the grind of daily use in your bike tires. When exposed to the elements, innertubes will eventually wear out from repeated use. Prolong the life of your TOOBs by keeping them in clean and dry conditions.
  • Where did the TOOB idea come from?
    TOOB is a labor of love, so all our products are things that we created to use ourselves. We love the idea of finding creative ways of recycling things and finding a new practical use for them - and we hope you do too!
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Let's talk about it! Get in touch :)
  • Shipping & Returns
    We ship using Israel Post standard shipping, and most packages will reach their destination within 14-21 days after being shipped. We accept returns if items arrive damaged or faulty. For more details info, check out our Shipping & Returns page.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    We currently only accept purchases made using PayPal.
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